Integrated Rural Development Organization mainly working in improving life of people who relates with agriculture like cattle owner, farmers and poor people who need financial requisite for their children in education expenditure.

Integrated Rural Development Organization working in rural area as well as in urban area with mainly aim of developing the economical and social life of people .I.R.D.O (Integrated Rural Development Organization) provide the various yojna to poor people, farmers, cattle owners, and other people wo really seeking for enhance economical and social life.

Integrated Rural Development Organization registered in Gandhinagar charity commissioner with Registered No. F/2736. I.R.D.O has the various working area like education, agriculture , unemployment in all Gujarat.

Integrated Rural Development Organization will open the branches in whole Gujarat’s districts and sub-districts and make run its current projects and upcoming projects in all branches. I.R.D.O Provide the various Sahay Yojna and Loan Yojna to needy people.


  • Aarthik Pashupalak Sahay Yojna
  • Computer Literacy Program
  • Agriculture Loan
  • Seeds Loan
  • Green House Loan


  • Medical Insurance
  • Bio Gas Plant
  • Farming Of Sag
  • Skill Development Courses
  • Job Oriented Training Courses